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MHI to Launch Public Website for Consumers Showing Variation in Medical Care 

Have you ever wondered how often patients treated by your physician receive care in line with medical evidence?

Next spring MHI will release a public website with information on how often patients receive recommended care. Patients will be able to see these rates for the physician practices they visit and compare those rates with other physician practices and community averages. 

In the meantime, check out the report below which shows variation in hospital readmission rates, infection rates and other measures of safety. 



Tools & Resources for Patients and Community Members

Understanding our health is important to staying well and receiving the highest quality health care. Please see below for online tools and resources to manage your health and talk with your physician.    

Tools    Videos     Links 


Mayo Clinic Health Manager

With the help of Microsoft’s Health Vault, the Mayo Clinic’s Health Manager helps patients track their medical records and other health information electronically while providing customized advice related to a family’s health needs.

Your Disease Risk

This free tool developed by researchers at Washington University in St. Louis can help survey takers understand their risk of developing five of the most important diseases in the United States and get personalized tips for preventing them. 


Choosing Wisely

Some tests and procedures may not be needed. Choosing Wisely, an initiative of the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation, can help patients and their physicians determine what care evidence suggests is needed and what can cause unneeded worry and cost. Check out this fun video on the topic, a parody of the Pharell song, "Happy."



A government website with health care information for consumers including a Guide to Healthy Living and Personal Health Tools.


A government website with ways to help patients and families ask questions of physicians and other health care providers.

Center for Improving Value in Health Care

General Link to Reports and Analysis

Free-Standing Emergency Rooms

Cost Drivers, Payment Variation

Vaginal Deliveries in Colorado

High Cost Imaging